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Our boatbuilder, which emerged from the shipyard history of Marina Baltica, includes boatbuilders and professionals representing the entire spectrum of yacht building. If you are allowed to call yourself the owner of a classic wooden yacht, you need special support in the care or repair.

Here, too, the experts at our shipyard take over work such as replacing planks, repairing the stevens or veneer work on the superstructure. We use our many years of experience in the processing of all materials used in yacht construction, in addition to wood, including epoxy and polyester, in all areas to professionally implement your ideas and make your yacht your perfect getaway.

Wooden boat building

We offer you a comprehensive range of services

A wooden yacht requires different measures than ships made of GRP or steel. Our team knows what is important in the processing of precious woods such as teak and mahogany or oak and also exchanges damaged planks, deck beams or frames. The method of form-bonding individual components made of thin veneer layers is also used here. The repair of wooden masts is just as much a part of the range of services as conversions or the creation of a completely new interior design. Please contact us if you wish to install a real teak deck.

Plastic boat building

Our shipyard team as a competent partner

Whether the repair of a gelcoat damage is pending or a repair of your yacht after e.g. a ground contact or collision is necessary, you will the competent partner in our shipyard team. We also carry out the manufacture of GRP laminates using polyester or epoxy resins and the creation of sandwich laminates using vacuum technology, as well as the rehabilitation of underwater vessels e.g. in an osmotic damage. Our experts are happy to advise you also with regard to the installation of e.g. bow thruster, stern thruster or any other modifications in fiberglass.

Deck equipment

Deck fittings according to your wishes

According to your wishes, we manufacture deck fittings from the deck eye over the railing, the bow fittings to the individually adapted pulpit or pushpit. Whether deck hatches or boat windows, which are made to fit your yacht if necessary, our shipyard service is at your disposal competently.

Paints and varnishes

Comprehensive expert advice

Already when choosing the right paint system, for example from 1-component or 2-component boat paint, our experts advise you comprehensively - regardless of whether you want a repair of rust spots, spot repair or a complete paint rebuild.

After the fuselage preparation follows the enclosure of the yacht, so as to protect it from dust particles. Afterwards, our experts apply a paint coating to the yacht hull. A professional paintwork often protects the hull of a yacht better than it was before.

Interior fittings / conversions

True miracles of our boat builders

Yachts from earlier times are already conceptually designed less for space and comfort than we are used to today. Here, our boatbuilders do wonders, for example when a dark sailing load in the foredeck is converted into a bright cabin with a double berth.

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