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Our specialist staff will advise you precisely before a new decking is applied to the deck of your yacht, in the cockpit. The traditional teak deck is, of course, the classic, which we relocate again and again at our shipyard in Travemünde. Meanwhile, there are also interesting alternatives, such as the marine cork deck from Marinedeck 2000, which visually is similar to the teak deck looks. In addition, there are also plastic coverings such as Flexi-Teek®, which, similar to the "real" teak deck, is manufactured in a last appearance.

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Our boatbuilders team also repairs or refurbishes teak decks, for example, by deepening the screw connections, milling out the deck seams and then re-sealing. If you do not want special or new decking, you can also have your deck coated by our specialists. Alternatively, e.g. products from Treadmaster or TBS can be installed to increase slip resistance.

Teak deck renovation

Comprehensive expert advice and implementation

If a teak deck has been in tough use for over 20 years in wind, weather, and high UV exposure, but the joint adhesion dissolves, a deck restoration is the method of choice. Our boatbuilders first examine the teak deck for weak spots and potentially wet spots, and then start remediation. Here, the teak deck is sanded flat and later grouted.

In addition to the renovation we also lay complete teak decks, both traditional with individual teak bars, as well as so-called prefabricated teak decks. Our experienced team will take over the planning and ordering of the finished deck after consultation with you. This is custom-made by the manufacturer and delivered in one piece in our shipyard, where we lay it expertly.


Professional installation and compaction

If you do not want a deck covering with a stick-top appearance, you can also have the deck areas coated with an anti-slip paint. For this purpose, all fittings and the components mounted on the surface to be machined are dismantled in advance by our specialist staff. After a pretreatment of the substrates, the new anti-slip coating is applied according to the manufacturer's instructions. Afterwards, our team professionally assembles the fittings again and re-seals the fittings.


Comprehensive expert advice and optimal processing

A special way to ensure skid resistance on deck is to use Treadmaster, TBS, Flexi Teek® or Marine Cork Deck. To do this, our boatbuilders take stencils from the deck, from which the prefabs are cut. Then the surfaces are prepared on deck and the surface is glued with special adhesive. We use for example products of the company Sikaflex. The pasted prefabs are pressed either by weights or in a vacuum process, so that optimum adhesion between the deck and the deck covering is created.

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