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The employees of our engine service are your contact for the care and maintenance of your yacht and ship engine. These also include outboard motors, which are used especially for small motorboats or RIBs. All engines have one thing in common: They need to be serviced regularly, but at least once a season.

The work of our engine mechanics includes the flushing with fresh water, oil and filter replacement, zinc anode replacement, the control of the impeller and the installation of spare parts to the review of the entire hydraulic and rudder system. Whether your yacht is equipped with an engine from Volvo Penta, Mercury, Yanmar or the engine of another manufacturer - our mechanics perform all the required work for all engine types professionally from gearbox repair to professional wintering.

Saildrive-cuff exchange

Routine work for our engine mechanics

In sailing yachts, the drive is often installed as Saildrive. Between the engine and the propeller unit provides a seal for the seal between the outside water and the boat interior. The cuff manufacturers recommend a change every ten years. This work is a routine job for our engine mechanics, which is often done during winter storage, but of course during the season.

Complete cleaning

For tank and diesel system

If boats with partially unfilled diesel tanks are left for a long time, condensation water forms inside the tank and mixes with the diesel fuel. In unfavorable circumstances, when, for example, unclean diesels were fueled abroad, bacteria are produced, the so-called Dieselpest. These bacteria form conglomerates and eventually clog diesel lines and filters.

Our engine mechanics are specialized in this field and offer you - in cooperation with a specialist company - complete cleaning of the tank system and the diesel system of your yacht.

Rudder and shaft bearings

Routine work for our specialists

If a boat has too much play on the drive shaft or on the rudder shaft after years of driving, there is often bearing damage. For this service work, our mechanics measure the play on the shaft and often diagnose defective shaft bearings. The repair is usually quite fast. The yacht is taken out of the water, then the shaft is pulled and provided with new bearings. Once these are mounted, you feel an optimal and direct transfer of the control pulses to the rudder blade or the much quieter running of the drive shaft on the first trip.

In addition, we recommend to check the tightness of the stuffing box as part of such a repair, which prevents the ingress of seawater at the junction of the propeller unit in the fuselage. The stuffing box can then be sealed or replaced as needed, and you will save yourself in the best case, a new repair or major water damage inside the boat.

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