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Each yacht needs a coating with anti-fouling for use in the Baltic Sea, otherwise the underwater ship grows within a short time with smallpox and algae. Our team is attuned to these coating processes and deals with many yachts with proven products, such as International Yachtpaint colors, every season.

In addition, our boatbuilders often carry out complete re-coatings of the underwater vessels, including a renewal of the osmosis protective coating. Talk to us!

Osmosis remediation

Professional methods for osmosis remediation

If an older yacht is attacked by osmosis, this does not mean the end of the hull. On the contrary: Our boatbuilders apply professional methods for the osmosis rehabilitation of the underwater ship of your yacht. Thus, they completely remove the damaged laminate layers from the underwater hull and laminate new layers to reinforce the hull. After multiple coats of special protective paint, such as Gelshield of International, which protect against re-osmosis, the trunk is stronger again than before treatment.

Propeller maintenance

Trained eye required by professionals

If a yacht has been sailed in salt water for a season, checking the shaft and propeller system is particularly important. Here, our yacht technicians quickly recognize whether, for example, enough sacrificial anodes have protected the nobler alloys of the wave plant and the propeller. The anodes must also be checked carefully on the saildrive drives as they protect the drive against destruction by electric currents. For this review and a subsequent exchange of anodes, a trained eye of professionals, such as our yacht technicians, is required.

Hull fittings

Professional installation of new elements

After many years of use in salt water, on-board valves also become brittle. The on-board diffusers often made of bronze alloys lose their components and become brittle. From a certain state then there is a risk of valve breakage. In the worst case, this means the loss of the yacht due to uncontrolled inflow of water into the interior of the ship. In order to prevent this, our experts remove the old, damaged valves and passages and install new elements.

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