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Yachts today are complex, technically advanced units that need to be properly maintained. This begins with the yacht toilet, which should be regularly rinsed with fresh water and treated with a rubber care product to protect the valves and does not stop with the preservation of the drinking water system.

Also, the complete maintenance, inspection and, if necessary, the replacement of the bilge pumps, which must work properly and in the event of an unwanted ingress of water, the position lighting and the gas system including gas testing, are carried out carefully and quickly for you by our technicians.

Heater installation

For a pleasant climate and drought on board

If you want to be on the water in our northern latitudes, you will always find cooler days and nights. For this it makes sense to have a heater on board. If no diesel heating system is installed on board of your ship, our yacht technicians like to install such a system, for example the brands Webasto or Eberspächer, in a short time. This provides you with an independent heating system that not only ensures a pleasant climate, but also dryness on board.

Navigation devices

Arrive safely

Often, especially older boats have also gotten old-fashioned on-board technology and many technically long-outdated navigation devices such as plotters, echosounders or radar systems. The current technology of AIS or radar scanning devices supports you much better in navigation and also increases the safety on board many times over. Widely used. These include the reliable navigation devices from Raymarine and Furuno.

Our experts advise you and offer a variety of solutions for a modern electrical system. Sometimes it makes sense to rebuild the existing vehicle electrical system already for safety reasons and to equip it with modern navigation instruments.

Bow and stern thruster

Expert advice and workmanship

The use of transverse thrusters such as a bow thruster, a stern thruster or a modern jet system makes it easier for you to maneuver your sailing or motor yacht not only in narrow harbors but also in extreme wind or current conditions.

Our experts will gladly advise you on the possibilities of retrofitting a thruster, on request also a fold-out bow thruster, on your yacht and recommend a suitable product, for example the manufacturer Side-Power, Lewmar or Vetus.

Sewage tank retrofit

We advise you on a variety of possibilities

Who wants to drive in the far north and wants to cross, for example, the beautiful Göta Canal, is already checked at the entrance to the presence of a sewage tank. If you have not yet installed a dirty water system on board, we will gladly advise you on the possibilities. Our yacht technicians install small and compact systems that barely exceed the size of the on-board toilet, to larger systems with a chopper pump and odor-resistant fecal hoses for easy suction with deck connection.

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